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Telecommunications (electronic communication)

The transmission of data and information through electromagnetic systems revolutionized the world of communications, and the government has been called to assume an influential role in the regulation of the radio-electric spectrum that makes communication possible.

In this sense, all persons or companies that seek to offer telecommunications services, whether as an end service, carrier, for added value or of another type, must first have a license, permit, concession, or authorization, as the case may be, all of which are granted by a regulation entity.

Our Firm has extensive experience in this field, with qualified professionals who have obtained specialization from highly recognized universities abroad, and provide the legal advising necessary to any person who is interested in getting involved in this industry and providing some type of telecommunications service.

Our services include, among others, legal support in:

  • Concession and renewal of frequencies
  • Agreements for connection and interconnection
  • Concession and renewal of telecommunication carrier services
  • Concession of end services of telecommunication
  • Permits to exploit added value services
  • Permission to operate on private networks
  • Operating license to operate landline radio communication or satellite mobile systems
  • Authorization to operate Universal Internet Access Networks
  • Registration to provide satellite capacity
  • Resale of services
  • Registration of internet cafes


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