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Labor, Employment, and Social Security

Our Firm believes that in labor relations, there must be balance and harmony between the parties that make up a productive unit in order to optimize productivity to benefit the members of such unit. We also recognize that the State provides a framework of laws that protect workers, and that such laws must be orientated to strengthen the productive unit and promote fairness, mutual respect, and trust.

In order for all of these aspects to come together, it is necessary to have full knowledge and understanding of the regulations that exist in this subject matter to avoid conflict in worker-employer relationships, as such conflict can seriously affect the company and its economics.

SOLINES & ASOCIADOS has professionals in this subject matter who, as a result of their knowledge, recognized experience, and prestige, are able to provide appropriate advising in this field to avoid conflicts, always looking to achieve understanding between the parties and foster the self-improvement of workers.

To this effect, the Firm provides services in the field of individual work relationships, mainly in aspects related to:

  • Individual labor contracting
  • Transactional acts
  • Labor Claims
  • Approval of special schedules
  • Operation permits
  • Termination of labor relations: by mutual agreement, unfair dismissal or resignation, labor authorizations
  • Severance pay
  • Retirement pay by employer
  • Controversies

In the field of collective relations, our services focus on issues related to:

  • Internal Health and Safety Regulations
  • Collective Contracts
  • Collective Conflicts
  • Negotiations
  • Litigation

In the area of Social Security, our legal services cover issues related to:

  • Affiliation
  • Health Insurance
  • Work Risks
  • Contingencies related to disability, old age, and death
  • Retirement
  • Severance and Reserve Funds
  • Employer Delay
  • Sanctioning processes
  • Litigation

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