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Internet, Information and Communication Technology

Technological advances and the generalized use of the internet has become a true challenge for countries in regards to regulation and the application of legal principles, as these regulations and principles need to be up to speed with the evolution and new forms of content access, communication between people, offer of goods and services, payments and financial transactions, the administration of justice, and many other areas of application.

SOLINES & ASOCIADOS, fully conscious of the impact of technological development, works to offer cutting edge services to meet the technological challenges that the internet has created in the aspects of information and communication, and we offer legal assistance in issues related to the following:

  • Transfer of technology
  •  Domain names
  • Establishment and registration of Internet Service Providers (ISP´s)
  • Information contracts (software development, web pages, hosting, housing, access, digital applications, etc.)
  • Registration of software and data bases
  • Registration of web pages as works
  • Licenses
  • Legal actions for infractions committed over the internet

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