Companies have an influential role in the economic development of countries, and that is why countries need to regulate corporate operations and control their activities through corresponding agencies.

Legal advising for companies is a key element in the correct performance of their activities and to make successful decisions, since they are constantly exposed to legal contingencies that are the product of the rights and obligations that are acquired by all business corporations during their legal existence.

SOLINES & ASOCIADOS has been providing legal support to important companies and multi-national corporations, as well as to small and medium businesses so that their actions and decisions are in full compliance with the law. With this objective, we provide advising and services in areas related to:

  •  Incoporations
  • Mergers and Divisions
  • Acquisitions
  • Bylaws Reforms
  • Appointment of Adminsitrators and Directors
  • Capital Increases
  • Corporate audits
  • Share transfers and assignments
  • Cancelations and Liquidations
  • Interventions
  • Litigation
  • In the commercial field, our services mainly focus on adivising regarding the following:
  • Mercantile contracts
  • Commercial and Industrial Guarantees
  • Payment requirements
  • Commercial promotion of products: Contests, Raffles, Sweepstakes
  • Publicity issues
  • Consumer rights and defense
  • Litigation

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Santiago Solines Moreno


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