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Antitrust & Unfair Competition

Ecuador, with the enactment of the Organic Law of Regulation and Control of Power, in October, 2011, finally has an instrument that regulates market competition and establishes sanctions for anti-competitive practices.

SOLINES & ASOCIADOS has professionals that are experts in Antitrust Law and Unfair Competition, specialized through prestigious international universities, and who are fully capable of defending the interests of our clients, especially in issues related to:

  • Abuse of dominant power or market power
  • Concerted practices
  • Collusive practices
  • Concentrations
  • Preventative audits
  • Compliance programs
  • Sanctioning procedures

Likewise, our Firm has broad experience in litigation related to, among other issues, unfair competition, especially in acts of confusion, imitation, use of another party´s reputation, and violation of business secrets.


Juan Carlos Solines Moreno

Pablo Solines Moreno


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